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Behind every successful brand lies a carefully crafted brand strategy. A brand strategy is like a blueprint, outlining how your brand is communicated, from visual elements through to your product or service. Therefore it is essential that your business develops a powerful and unique one.

Let’s look at the following tips to help your brand nail its strategy!


Before launching your brand, it is important to observe the competitive landscape – what is your competition doing? And importantly, how can you set yourself apart? Conducting a competitive analysis is an important step in differentiating yourself from other brands. These points of difference give consumers a reason to engage with your brand and consummate your brand’s identity. At Think Creative Agency, this is one of the first steps we undertake when developing or refreshing a brand strategy, allowing us to uniquely define your brand and set the tone for further brand initiatives.


No brand strategy is complete without a comprehensive understanding of the needs and wants of your target audience. By this, we mean the consumers who are most likely to engage with your brand. Having a clearly defined audience will allow your brand to continually cater and adapt to their needs, contributing to repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Part of our Brand Strategy process involves undertaking extensive customer research and audience segmentation for your brand, meaning we do all the guesswork for you!

Once your audience is defined, you allow your business to become a customer-centric brand. Personalised communications and advertising bring your audience closer to your brand, making it more convenient for them to engage. Think initiatives like recommending e-commerce products and targeted ads. Knowing what your customers value most will keep your brand relevant.


After establishing your audience and your brand’s unique point of difference, the next step is to translate this into actionable marketing and communications strategies. Your brand strategy acts as a blueprint for the tone of your brand meaning, it should be integrated within all business aspects. For example, a brand aiming to target millennials should engage with platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Consistency across initiatives will help to develop and carve out a clear and distinct image for your brand. This distinct tone sets the standard for decision making and brand direction, carving out future brand identity. Importantly an integrated brand strategy promotes consumer brand recognition, establishing a trusting relationship between the parties.

At Think Creative Agency we are experts in building tailored Brand Strategies. We understand the importance of clearly defining the strategy and translating this into actionable marketing campaigns and initiatives.

To see how we can define your brand’s strategy, contact us at or call us on +964 750 500 3999 today.

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